In 2013, Andi had the privilege to attend the International Prophetic Consulation gathering of leaders in the Renewal in the city of bread (Bethlehem, Israel), where she had a profound experience as she prayed in the Upper Room with leaders from all over the world for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  As a result of Andi’s Upper Room experience she has answered the call to share with others the gift of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and is now writing her first book.  To learn more about Andi, please click here.

Extravagant Praise Available Now!

Extravagant Praise by Andi Oney tells us of the amazing things that happen both physically and spiritually when we praise God.  Out hearts, attitudes, dispositions, receptivity, and our capacity for God are affected by our praise.  Our hearts are softened and become more docile to the things of God.  We place ourselves in a position of receptivity and surrender allowing us to create a pathway to receive more of the Holy Spirit.  We have greater capacity for the multiple outpourings of the Holy Spirit.  With all of this comes joy!    Click here to learn more or to purchase Andi’s Book.